Quality! That's what Creative Living is all about.

Dan and Beth Williams first started their construction business in 1979. During this time, Beth kept the office running smoothly while Dan designed and built custom homes, using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. He built in Colorado, Arizona and Washington State before moving into a second career as a building inspector.

In 2002, Dan became a Building Inspector of modular homes for the State of Colorado. In this capacity he saw it all, from the shabbiest built homes to homes of good quality. But one day, a few years ago he inspected a home of such extraordinary quality, he wanted one for his family. It was a Family Built Home!

These homes were not only built with the highest quality materials, but the craftsmanship was far-and-away above any other home. Every board was precision cut. Every nail was absolute. Every detail in every way was – perfection. Family Built Homes built in the factory the way Creative Living used to build on site. Only better, because Family Built Homes is able to protect their materials from weather during the building process. Dan retired (for the second time) and now he and his wife have enthusiastically embraced a third career – Creative Living, featuring Family Built homes. Homes we are proud to represent, proud to offer to you!

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