Even as you drive up to your new home, you can see that THIS home is no ordinary home!! This home is a high quality, upper-end home! This home is a well-crafted home, using only premium materials and skilled carpenters.

This home is a Family Built Home!

The first thing you notice as you drive up to your new home is the height of the structure. Instead of a squatty 8-foot sidewall height and a nearly flat roof that “the other guys” build, you see 9-foot tall, beautifully painted exterior boasting a coordinated trim color. Rising above the sidewalls, the roof brushes the sky with its soaring 6/12 pitch. Additionally, you see generous 16-inch eave ends and gable overhangs. This makes your new home look majestic and the grandeur of the curb appeal is unmatched!

As you approach your new home you are impressed with the inviting front door with its center arch glass window, keyed lockset and deadbolt. Safety and beauty combined!

You also notice the convenient porch light and exterior receptacle located not only at the front door, but also at the back door. And look there! A frost free faucet at each door, as well. You certainly don’t see these kind of extras as standard from “the other guys”!

As you enter your new home you remark about how the 9-foot tall ceilings completely open up the house, adding to the immensely spacious feel of the entire home. You immediately observe the “bull nosed” (rounded) corners of the walls, the up-scale, energy-efficient windows (covered with 2-inch vinyl blinds), and . . .

What’s this?

Coffered ceilings? Amazing!!